Thursday, July 28, 2011

Raleigh India

Raleigh is a youth and education charity with 26 years experience in providing adventurous and challenging expeditions for people from all backgrounds, nationalities and ages, especially young people.  Watch our videos at the Raleigh YouTube channel:

These two young men joined the church this summer.  Immediately after Shaq joined they left on this wonderful excursion to do service.  We've been impressed with the Raleigh organization.  They look like they are having such a great time and meeting many new friends.  We miss them.  When they get back they will receive the priesthood and in doing so will greatly bless the Branch.

Shaq is in the back waving.

Dwayne is the fourth from the left.

Shaq in on the left, he is #1 in our book.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is Marion, we have become fast friends.  She is just a doll, she is going through some hard times right now and we've had the privilege of being able to help her out.  In the process, we've had some very funny things happen along the way.  She and I chuckle about the comedy of errors that have complicated a couple of our outings.  It has created a memory that we won't forget, it reminded me of getting lost with my Mother and sister on a shopping venture in SLC.  Absolutely unforgettable!  I'm sure they both remember it ; ~ )
As we were hurrying down a narrow lane we came across this sign, hopefully it wasn't meant for missionaries ; ~ )  Keeping the gate closed seems like a wonderful idea!  
Very effective!
 Isn't he great!  This fellow hangs out at the Bermuda House of Assembly, dressed in traditional regalia.  He makes himself available to tourists and ushers them around the city of Hamilton.  Can you tell that he loves to have his picture taken?

Doctrine Covenants Class

I thought this a great picture of my "Senior Companion", we were waiting for folks to come to our D&C class. 

#4 Keystone Arch

It's been a while since we've posted.  We've been a bit busy, but I found time today, as we are approaching "Cup Match", which is  the BIGGEST holiday in Bermuda.  So our schedules have slowed down a bit.  We'll post pictures next week of the events.  I thought it time for you all to see another "Keystone Arch", we have these beautiful reminders of the Book of Mormon surrounding us on the island.  Please enjoy!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In contrast to our baptism font, some couple decided to be married at Jobson Cove.  It is lovely!  I wish though that they could comprehend a wedding in one of our Temples.  Not only beautiful, but oh so much more blessed!
It's about time I checked in.  It is raining like crazy here today, so things have slowed up a bit for us and makes for a perfect day to blog. 

I celebrated my birthday this year by attending a baptism first thing in the morning, and what a beautiful morning it was.  Antoine, his family, and branch members were out to honor this young mans decision to join the church.  Elder Nackos performed the baptism for his new friend. It made for a very cool birthday! Take note of how nice the beach has been raked, our missionaries prepare very carefully for our baptisms, thanks Elders!