Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deluns Baptism

Last Saturday was great we were at Turtlebay Beach for a baptism.  Our friend Marjeanette has patiently waited for this day when her son would join her in being a member of the LDS Church.   She has the biggest heart of anyone I know, along side her gentle nature.  We were so happy for her and Delun.  Yeah!  Another Deacon for the Branch!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"I just let God rule my life... 
and all the wonders that come with it..♥ "
This is a quote from a young friend of ours, I believe it a standard worth living.  
Life truly can be a wonder if we put our trust in Him.    

Friday, August 26, 2011

Goodby to the "Toaster" and hello to the "MOPED"

It was with a bit of sadness that we said goodby to the "Toaster" van.  But it will see exciting days with it's new family of 5 children.  Elder Webster knowing we needed transportation until we are in to a new van, resolved it by renting a MOPED!  As you can see, the Elders didn't mind catching a ride to do service at an investigators home.

You should have seen us last night.  It was a crazy day yesterday, with all kinds of unexpected issues. So we were on a dead run, as we were late for our D&C class.  We grabbed our stuff and the helmets and ran for the "MODPED".  OOPS!  One problem, I had on a straight skirt that hits just below the knee.  No time to change!  I hike the skirt and thought seriously about taking off the nametag I was so self-conscience.  Your dad of course LOVED it!  We made it just in time, with a little less dignity I might add and ever so grateful we've no picture.

"Surinam Cherry"

Our friends Latricia and Antoine brought us a gift last night at D&C class.  It was a cup of cherries.  I've been curious about them, as I've seen them on bushy trees.  They are cute, but very sour.  They tell me that some can be sweet if picked at a different stage.  The fruit can be eaten straight from the tree and are locally used to make jam.  They have a very unique taste.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FHE at the Websters

For FHE on Monday night we invited Eugene and Solessia who joined the church last winter in Canada. Also, our friend Latricia (she joined the church last year in England) and Antoine who was baptized this last July here in Bermuda.  The Elders had a few spare minutes and joined us as well.  It was fun.  We had a lesson on the priesthood and blessings, then played our favorite game of hands.  We then finished it off with "Brownie Sundays".  Good company, good message & conversation, good food it doesn't get any better than that! 

"Farewell to Aaron"

Our friend Aaron is on his way back to England, after spending a year or so here in Bermuda.  The Sunday before we had Donna, Blerta and him join us for dinner and had a little chat time before his leaving.  We and the Branch will miss Aaron! 

"Bermudas' Good Will Ambassador"

Every weekday, Johnny Barnes, is at Crow Lane round-about from 6-10:00 am.  He is generous with his waves, blowing kisses, and smiles to each that passes by.  His happiness is contagious, it melts your heart.  He is a reminder that here in Bermuda, you greet all that you meet.  It is the Bermudian way!  Isn't he precious!  They've even made a bronze statue to pay tribute to him...... 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Family

Many of our joys started here, with these four great people.  We are most fortunate to have them in our lives.  I am grateful that they love and take care of each other as they do.

Hailey's Special Day

These are the days that make it hard to be on a mission.  But it is the exact reason for our being here!  We will miss three of our precious grandchildren being baptized, Hailey is our second.  We love her very much and as you can tell, she was happy that day.  I think I see one happy Dad as well.  Congratulations Miss Hailey!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This is Mr Iris, he looks very Bermudian in his Sunday clothes.  We met him at the grocery store where he came up to us and started to talk about Laman and Lemuel.  He had received a Book of Mormon from the previous couple and had been reading it.  We hope to visit with him soon about his reading and thoughts.  This is us leaving church last Sunday and he happened by and was able to meet our Branch President (of course we all know there is no such thing as coincidence).
The other night, the Elders stopped in and we took a picture of Elder Nackos' shoes, unbeknown to him.  Bart split with them one evening and he walked so hard, that when he came out of the appointment, he hailed a cab!  These shoes truly show what great, hard working young men these are. 

To quote a great mom:"When I look at those shoes so weathered  and worn I realize that they are telling a story of a young man's devotion and service to serve the Lord.  They not only represent my son but many, many missionaries." 

We get to be a district, just the four of us, and they amaze us every day.   
We recently were blessed to help a family move. They seriously don't come any nicer than this Dad, Mom and kids.  He previously had been the Branch President here for 12 years.    I can't believe the fun we had, even with the sweat rolling down our backs from the heat and humidity.  When we weren't there to help, the Elders and others were there and working hard.  It took several days for us and several weeks for the Mello-Cann's.  As they had to do some work on the home they were moving into (which, our good Elders, Elder Bart and others helped with).  
My only regret, was not taking a picture of the HUGE SPIDER that we saw while moving things out.  Fortunately it was already dead, dead, dead!

Smelling Sweet

Thanks to Elder Nackos for providing these pretty & sweet smelling Frangipani's!
We've a friend here named Aaron, he is a floral designer.  He does small arrangements that most of us often order, the difference,  they are very interesting in design.  But it is his large specialty pieces for the stores and events that are very creative. He rides to church with us most Sundays. Last Sunday, Elder Nackos and I asked him about this lovely flower that smells like honey suckle.  It is called a yellow 'Frangipani Flower'.  Aaron suggested that we take a walk when the air is calm so as to take in the fragrances from this and other flowers right now in bloom.  The scents are sweet and prevalent.  Sad to say Aaron is moving back to England next week.  He will be missed, he is a fine young fellow.  But wee will keep track of him.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ann and her mom in the workroom at "The Barn"
When we have a free Saturday, the Elders, Elder Bart and myself volunteer to work at "The Barn".  It's a local DI of sort, they collect used items from others and sell them to raise money for the hospital.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I get to meet and chat with fun, wonderful people and find cool treasures from Bermuda as well.  This is a picture of the manager and her 95 year old mother (what a sense of humor and love of life this woman has).  Everyone there works very hard at helping others.  My hat is off to them.