Thursday, March 22, 2012

Road Trip in Bermuda

Liz Adams opening the gate so our van can pass through.
Me, Rita, Marjorie, Marion, Liz, Valarie

This is why we came, to view the mural painted in 2009 depicting the history of Bermuda.

Just a bit of a close up of the mural.

Stopping for a breather.

Just another perspective as we are leaving, with Marjorie closing the gate.

 Some of our older sisters have never been to see the Mural depicting the history of Bermuda, it was painted in stairwell of the Commissioners House and finished in 2009.  Many had not been to that end of the island for years.  We diverted to side roads as we traveled, and Marion and Rita said they had never seen this area of Bermuda.  But when you think about it, they have always traveled by bus on the main roads.  When we arrived, we were given special permission to drive in, due to two sisters having health issues. So our road trip was a huge success, I had no idea how much older sisters could giggle and enjoy each other.  We all had such a great day! I love them!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Antoine, Latricia, Elder Gregory

Kathy, Charles, Elder Tremble

The Three Muskateers

Daquan, Elder Webster, Dwayne, Shaq
These three young men standing with Elder Webster, are the hope of the Branch.  They were all baptized this last summer and fall.  They have just set the Branch on fire with enthusiasm.  We have fallen in love with all three and want so much for them.  They truly are a force for GOOD! 

Bee Hive

These pics were taken at the Manhattan Temple, when we were visiting there.  I've always loved the beehive.  It's a symbol of work and industry, traits that help us to move forward.  I like to think that's what we're doing serving a mission, working hard at inviting and inspiring others to work towards returning to our Father in Heaven!

#7 Keystone Arch

 I'm a bit behind on posting my latest "Keystone Arch"!  BEAUTIFUL as always, a  bit whimsical don't you think.  Wonder what lays beyond the artsy gate?  I really like the prominence of the keystone on this moongate.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Solis Home Evening"

 We home/visit teach the Solis family.  We popped in to see them the other night and they were just beginning their home evening lesson.  We were invited to stay.  It was so cool!  Their daughter wanted to have FHE and it wasn't happening, as they have complicated lives with no set schedule.  Father in Heaven has blessed her with such a strong spirit and  she has persisted, she used her computer to keep track of assignments, etc.  She presents an Article of Faith for them to recite, I'm not sure what the plan for a lesson was as we were invited to share our thought we came with.  They then play a game together and of course have refreshments. Isn't she a techy, hooking the computer up to the TV.  The spirit prompted us there that evening and in the course of the night we discovered why and were able to offer our assistance to this special family.  We love them!   We give gratitude for the promptings of the Holy Ghost.