Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Branch Non-Talent Talent Show

Our youth decided that it would be fun to host a "Non-talent Talent Show".  We'll we were all for that. Elder Webster and I have many talents, so sad, none that could be called culturally refined. So we were excited about the prospects of being able to share a non-talent.  Our idea ; ) "Elder Short".  Surprisingly no one here has ever seen a Mr Short presentation, let alone an Elder Short.  It was a hit, we had such fun sharing our presentation.   There was a great many talents and non-talents shared, as well as a good number of visitors some of which even participated.  It was WONDERFUL and fun.  Of course a pot luck dinner followed with good conversation and fellowshipping.

Edgar hula hooping
Stephanie playing the guitar
Arthur playing the drums and singing to his sweetheart
Robin and Roweena singing a cowboy love song
Alejandro showing us a bit of rap music  
Galvin & Pauline dressed for the 50's and crooning to each other

Elder Usenov kicking a ball and tying his tie ; )
Elder Perry performing a piano #
Liz sang" The Lords Prayer"
This was the firs we've heard Liz sing.  She has had health issues that have prevented her from doing so.  What a wonderful thing for her to be able to share her gift this night. It was lovely!
Elder Short, being assisted by Elder Usenov and Elder Perry

Monday, July 2, 2012

Visit from Roz & Rich / Keystone Arch #11

Roz visiting the Bermuda Branch Relief Society on Mothers Day

#11 Keystone Arch (back side)
Roz and Rich in front of Keystone Arch #11