Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Branch Non-Talent Talent Show

Our youth decided that it would be fun to host a "Non-talent Talent Show".  We'll we were all for that. Elder Webster and I have many talents, so sad, none that could be called culturally refined. So we were excited about the prospects of being able to share a non-talent.  Our idea ; ) "Elder Short".  Surprisingly no one here has ever seen a Mr Short presentation, let alone an Elder Short.  It was a hit, we had such fun sharing our presentation.   There was a great many talents and non-talents shared, as well as a good number of visitors some of which even participated.  It was WONDERFUL and fun.  Of course a pot luck dinner followed with good conversation and fellowshipping.

Edgar hula hooping
Stephanie playing the guitar
Arthur playing the drums and singing to his sweetheart
Robin and Roweena singing a cowboy love song
Alejandro showing us a bit of rap music  
Galvin & Pauline dressed for the 50's and crooning to each other

Elder Usenov kicking a ball and tying his tie ; )
Elder Perry performing a piano #
Liz sang" The Lords Prayer"
This was the firs we've heard Liz sing.  She has had health issues that have prevented her from doing so.  What a wonderful thing for her to be able to share her gift this night. It was lovely!
Elder Short, being assisted by Elder Usenov and Elder Perry

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  1. I am a researcher on the growth of the LDS Church for the Cumorah Foundation (cumorah.com) and came across your blog. I was curious how many members were active in the Bermuda Branch and also wondering if you could put me in contact with your friends serving a mission in Greenland as I would love to correspond with them about the Church and missionary work in Greenland.

    Thank You,

    Matt Martinich
    Project Manager
    Cumorah Foundation