Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The broadcast was wonderful for many reasons but the greatest is the spirit of joining together as sisters through out the world and being reminded of how the Lord loves each of his daughters and how priceless they are to Him.  We gathered together 23 strong, only expecting 10 sisters.  Our Relief Society President hosted us in her home where we watched via computer and a large television screen at 9:00 that evening.  Before the broadcast there was good food, great laughter and friend shipping.  David and Elder Webster hung around as long as they could before being ushered out of our girl's night. When the sisters sang in SLC, we sang in Bermuda!  Boy did we sing, it was amazing the power, the spirit, the love of our sisters as they sang, I thought we would blow the roof off.  We felt very connected to our sisters 'round the world that night.  We love you all!   The message of the "Forget Me Not" was a message of caring about ourselves, each other, and remembering He who loves us best,  gave His all.   Let us ENJOY THE JOURNEY!  

Famous Artwork

One perk of a mission is that you receive  wonderful artwork from your grand-kids.  These two pictures, two marbles, two pennies, one bracelet and a charming little bell on a ribbon were delivered to us this week.  We LOVED IT ALL!  Thanks Miss Grace!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Visiting New York

President Nelson invited us to come to New York whenever we wanted to visit the Temple.  We took him up on it.  We loved it!  We got to meet most of the other senior couples, it was good to put a face with the voices we often talked to on the phone.  We attended the Temple with our family, Elder and Sister Webster from the New Jersey Mission and had dinner with our friends, President and Sister Smith from the New York.  We also took a bit of a road trip with Sister Nelson and Sister Porter to the end of Long Island. 

Elders Mode of Transportation

Elder Tremble and their beloved bikes!

Father and Son

These two are the dynamic duo that own "Art & Mels" fish shop.  They feed us missionaries whenever we cross the threshold of the is a very busy place.  They are not only hard workers, they have generous hearts and deep testimonies.  They take the Lords words very seriously, they are ready to help anyone, and the Bermuda Branch is blessed to have these two priesthood brethren. I snapped this after our meetings last Sunday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Helping Miss Joan

Miss Joan is our neighbor, she is old ; ) but oh so energetic.  She dances with a seniors group and she still does the end to end race (walking of course).  She brought us veggies when we first arrived and had us join them for their family party, it was so fun.  They really know how to have fun.  She is always happy to lend us her card-table for baptisms.  So when she needs a little something done Elder Webster and the Elders are always eager to help "Miss Joan".  As you can see, Elder Webster is busy fixing the lattice work on her fence.

#5 Keystone Arch

This is our 5th Keystone Arch, it looks like an oasis in the  jungle. Love the green doors, also do you see anyone lurking around?  Search carefully.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Branch Summer Party

Some of the kids swimming.

Rockking keeping a watchful eye out for the kids.

The Elders, Vernon, and his family.

Liz and I

Tabby, Vernon, and Prez
We had such a great time that night.  We finally had time to chat with the members, enjoy a nice night at the beach, and wonderful food.  But the best part of the evening was Brother Every.  He is such a good man, we both are very fond of this older gentleman.  He was "going 80" this month.  A few weeks ago Bart said that we should do something to honor Vernon.  He has been a member from the very early years here (29 years).  So he planned a little surprise for him at the Branch summer picnic.  He contacted his son and invited any and all family (they aren't of our faith), invited several long time members to give tributes, and then he ordered a humungous "B" cake from our favorite bakery "The Cake Shop". That night the family came, the cake was big and beautiful and there were many smiles!  He was very surprised!  The next day during testimony meeting, he shared with all of us what it had meant to him and of course finished with his solid testimony.  Some say it is the most they've ever heard from him.  Thanks Elder Webster!

Our New Elder

Elder Gregory is on the left, we were having dinner with President Hofhiens and his family.
We are learning that as one good Elder leaves another arrives.  Just as all of us are different, each has something very special to add to the missionary mix here in Bermuda.  It has been a pleasure getting to know Elder Gregory, we and the people of Bermuda are blessed to have him.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Parking the New Van

We turned in the "Toaster Van" as you all know and then received a new one.  Which is a bit longer and wider.  It was my day with Marion and I wondered how it would go as I adjusted to driving it.  I didn't once think about parking this tank.  So we've been to the doctor, headed for the was the day of reckoning.  We did soooooo good, I told Marion that we had to document our success.  We made it in and out, then to the bank, and groceries, all in one piece.  YEAH!

Branch Relief Society

These are my friends, the members of the Bermuda Branch Relief Society.    We were missing a few sisters that day and some who don't make it out.  We  hope to have them join us soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Elder Nackos was nicknamed Elder "Nachos" (thus the chips)

We updated the car in Bermuda and it arrived just in time to deliver Elder Nackos to the airport.  Yes the "Toaster Van" has been retired ; ~ ) 

What a great thing it is to take someone to the airport to say goodbye with regret.  It means that you care about them.    We love and admire Elder Nackos and are happy to count him as our friend. We are grateful to have served with such a fine person, thank you Elder Nackos.  Good Luck in NYC!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Last weekend family and friends were calling concerned that we may be in the path of "Hurricane Irene".  Fortunately we were not, but it did hit our family and friends in New York City.  We're grateful that they are all well.  Our good mission president and his wife evacuated 20 Elders and Sisters to the mission home for safety reasons.   I had sent  Sister Nelson and Sister Porter a recipe for a killer Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and two of the cute sister missionaries like to cook so they baked up a "STORM" (smile)!  LOOKS DELICIOUS!