Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas dinner was with the Elders, Liz, and Molessia.  But earlier, as the rolls raised, the Elders took us to"Abbots Cliff".  There was a view of Harrington Sound that was spectacular.  We also took time to stop at the smallest gas station we've ever seen(open 365 days/year).  I've been wanting a picture of it for a while and with traffic at a minimum it was a perfect day. 


Christmas day came early, we headed out at 8:00 am  with the Elders for breakfast with the Branch President and his family.  We had so much fun, they shared with us a wonderful breakfast and  family traditions, making us feel very at home.  We then headed out to pick folks up for Church, on our way one of our sisters called for a ride (the buses were on holiday schedule for Christmas) so we took a diversion out to pick her up.  We weren't that late but only enjoyed 15 minutes of meeting as it only lasted 40 minutes max.  But the fun of the company and the energy of a packed house for Church made it all worth it.  Everyone stayed, visiting and making Merry Christmas Wishes to all.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 
 was great fun.  
We had the Elders, Blerta and Scott over for dinner and a competitive game of Farkel. 
Sister W the first game, 
and Blerta the second game!   
Yeah for the Relief Society!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Secret Santa"

Santa (Mac James) stopped by the other day on his way to deliver a few Christmas gifts to two very special ladies!  He is such a happy, jovial guy.  If we could all be as giving as Santa.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

“Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus!”
Neal A. Maxwell

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've another favorite for Bermuda.  These cookies are fabulous!  They only come in for the Christmas season.  When I thought about taking a picture of them, POOF, they were gone.  Just like magic or maybe Bart being around.  No matter they were delicious ; )

#6 Moongate

Bermuda Branch Christmas Dinner

Elder Webster & Jay

Elder Webster conducting

Great view of Branch members enjoying themselves!
David narrating the Christmas story.

Santa sure looks like Elder Kingsley, doesn't he?

Santa and Mary (Jasmine C)

The Christmas Dinner was fun and well attended.  They say give them food and they will come! Must be true.  We had a short program which included the nativity and several musical numbers.  As things were coming to a close, Elder Webster dashed off to the airport to pick up the Manhattan Temple President and his wife.  They came to visit the Branch on Sunday.  Their timing could not have been more perfect; as about 1/2 of the active members are off to the NYC to attend the Temple.  President Garff was able to put them at ease and get them ever more excited for their adventure.