Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sacred Moments

Avery was baptized in June 2011
Cousins joined at the hip ; )
Hailey was baptized in July 2011
Cousins supporting cousins!
Ethan speaking on baptism, it was great!  
 I hadn't realized how grown up Ethan was until that day.

Samuel spoke on the Holy Ghost, you would have thought he was a missionary!

Henry baptized April 2012, Bermuda Branch baptismal font. 

Henry preparing to receive the Holy Ghost.
Rachel and Ruth came to support Henry on his special day.

Ethan, Emily, David, Sam, Aidan, and Henry at Jobson's Cove
When we chose to serve a mission it became obvious that we would miss important events. The top of the list were the baptisms of three of our grandchildren (Avery, Hailey, and Henry) and the birth of our sweet little Lucy last October, as well as many other treasured moments.  Then around the first of the year, Emily called saying they were coming to visit us and that Henry had something to tell us.  He then informed us that he wanted to be baptized in the Bermuda Ocean!  It was wonderful, and the Bermuda Branch were greatly supportive of our family.  We love them for that!  So we would like to share a few pictures of the event as well as Avery and Haily's special days that we missed.  Faith in serving the Lord has taught us that blessings are showered upon us when we are obedient.  That doesn't mean there are not challenges or trials, but that said we have trusted in Him that our family would be watched over, may our family know that we love them ever more by being in the mission field while these events and challenges have taken place. 

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